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Doing What We Do...Only Better Together

09/19/2011 12:00pm

Doing What we Do… Only Better Together


“In a time of economic uncertainty, the ticket sales at our smaller events have been strong throughout the 2011 summer season” reports, Marla Morehead of Three Hills Rodeo, Inc..    We had luck with the weather in most markets, but have been working to help our committees do what they do, only better.  In 2010 we incorporated a PreShow in some events and worked very hard with our committees to make every performance count, by having a  great opening production in place, promotions in place, worked with contestants to try to avoid entry issues and provided great media opportunities for interviews.  The attendance at most fair events topped many music artists, which is a great trend in the markets we hope we can recreate in 2012

 Many small committees are not able to take advantage of the seminars in Omaha and Las Vegas, so we decided to host an information session for our committees.  In 2011 we became aware through committee discussions, that there were opportunities they were missing which we could help them with through education.  Topics of discussion were Insurance Options, Sponsorships, Advertising and Marketing, Social Media and Contestant Hospitality and Incentive Opportunities with a group discussion at the end of each topic.

 We solicited facilitators with expertise in each topic with interesting presentation and lively discussion.   Travis Bockensteadt, Three Hills Event Marketing and Promotions , headed the Social Media topic which provided many exciting ideas and opportunities that attendees were unaware of or uncertain how to facilitate.  He also addressed unique video content and exciting ways to spotlight events online.  Contestants were surveyed and provided great insight into hospitality and incentives other than added money that drive them to enter events.  Sponsors provided assistance in creating proposals, providing value for their involvement as well as fulfillment responsibility.  Round table discussion provided great ideas and opportunities as a group, how to be more effective and to collectively be able to work together to create a series that responds to suggestions from the cowboys.

 It was a great event to share good ideas and look for assistance with issues only committees really understand.  “This was a great event and one that will surely help us fare better in 2012.\"