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Tomah Pro Rodeo
09/11/2012 12:00pm
World Champion Cowboys… they’re entered, award winning bucking horses and bulls… they’re loaded… and you’ve seen them on TV…Team Ghostriders LIVE! They will all be in the house as the Thrills and Spills of Three Hills Rodeo, Inc. travels to Tomah, WI Cranberry Festival weekend . Not only will some of the circuit’s top Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bulls Riders be featured, but three of the most talented cowboys to be performing at the Tomah Pro Rodeo are the world famous COWBOY MONKEYS known as Team Ghostriders.
Summer is Knocking on our Door!
04/16/2012 12:00pm
The Jackson County Pro Rodeo, June 14-16, and the Edgewood Rodeo Days, June 21-23, will both be celebrating there 25th Anniversaries! Three Hills is VERY excited to be celebrating this huge accomplishment with both rodeo committees! Hard work, dedication, and a love for their communities has led both the Bellevue and Edgewood rodeo committees to 25 years of SUCCESSFUL professional rodeo events.
The Wild Thang, Tim Lepard, and His Team Ghost Riders visit the Wells Fargo Arena!
01/05/2012 12:00pm
Four of the most talented cowboys to be performing with World’s Toughest Rodeo are the world famous COWBOY MONKEYS and they are teamed up with their favorite ride… their canine partners….Yes that’s it monkeys riding border collies at the Wells Fargo Arena.
Iowa Scores BIG at National Finals Rodeo
01/05/2012 12:00pm
Iowa is known for more than corn and friendly, hardworking Midwesterners. Iowa is at the top of the list in Professional Rodeo… who would know!!! Making their way back from Las Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo is Boxholm, Iowa’s Wade Sundell and Bernard, Iowa’s “best in the business bucking horse producer” Three Hills Rodeo!
Doing What We Do...Only Better Together
09/19/2011 12:00pm
“In a time of economic uncertainty, the ticket sales at our smaller events have been strong throughout the 2011 summer season” reports, Marla Morehead of Three Hills Rodeo, Inc.. We had luck with the weather in most markets, but have been working to help our committees do what they do, only better. In 2010 we incorporated a PreShow in some events and worked very hard with our committees to make every performance count, by having a great opening production in place, promotions in place, worked with contestants to try to avoid entry issues and provided great media opportunities for interviews.
Worlds Toughest Rodeo Returns to the FFA Convention
09/18/2011 12:00pm
The nation’s premiere rodeo rough stock series returns to the FFA National Convention as a featured entertainment pick of the week. The World’s Toughest Rodeo kicks off the FFA Special Edition Bulls and Broncs event on October 20th for two nights of wild, west entertainment.
Worlds Toughest Rodeo in Des Moines, IA!
09/14/2011 12:00pm
Get ready rodeo fans, Worlds Toughest Rodeo is back and better than ever! The 2012 season will kick off in Des Moines, IA at the Wells Fargo Arena on January 13-14. The cowboys, cowgirls, and some of the greatest animal athletes from Three Hills are headed your way! All it takes is a little 8 second action and all you rodeo fans will be hooked!
09/14/2011 12:00pm
Want to know what it feels like to get on the back of a 2000lb bull, get your chance at the Worlds Toughest Rodeo FREE PRE SHOW! Starting at 6:00pm each night come and meet all the cowboys, cowgirls, specialty acts, barrel man, and even take a peek at some of the best animal athletes in the business!

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